The Flash

super hero1One day the Flash was running through Central City and he saw a crime in progress and thought the criminals as fools because who would try to do a petty crime in the city with the fastest man alive. Before confronting them he just waited and watched before he went and stopped them to make sure they aren’t dangerous. He went and try to stop him bus as he went he felt himself going slower and then he noticed one of them was able to spot him and know where he was going and they scared him big time because he was noticing his powers were messing up and he didn’t know what to do so he just ran away.

When he woke up the the next morning he saw on the news that the criminals he saw were a lot worse than what he thought because they blew up a city block and he saw people were blaming him for not stopping them with some people spotting him at the crime scene so people now think he is the reason the city block blew up and he wasn’t happy about that. Flash started running at his top speed looking through the whole city just to find these criminals but he was sure he looked everywhere but never found them, he even made sure to look in restricted areas to see if they were there. He went to go look for Superman because he was sure that the boy scout would be able to help himsuper heros but before he got into Metropolis he was stopped and Superman told him he won’t allow him in the city for what he did and the Flash did not know what to do so he kept on running thinking about what could have happened without him noticing that he traveled to the future. He saw he was 100 years in the future and people were celebrating that the Flash’s was gone and he saw Batman was the current president of the country.

Now he was really wondering what he could have done to make people so angry with him so he knew he had to ask Batman.  So he made sure to get to him when nobody was around and when he finally got there Batman was already expecting him. He asked what happened and Batman said that his plan was a success and that nobody was able to stop him now because all the heroes are gone and now that he is even faster than the Flash ever dreamed of. So Batman pulled out his gun and shot him before the Flash was able to do anything. Now that Batman plan was a success and he was the most powerful person in all of history nobody will ever be able to stop him and him plan for total domination.

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