Nando Wake Up Call

nandos 1It was a Saturday and my mum was shouting at me to get ready to go to our
local shopping Centre. Mum was obsessed with this place. To think that I
probably spent half my youth shopping with my mum is an understatement. I remember how many arguments we used to have roaming those shops. It
was like a Saturday ritual until I was the age of 16 when I stopped going
shopping with her and started going alone.
I remember this particular Saturday because it was the Saturday I decided to
go Vegetarian. I loved all the meals my mum used to make me for – a lot of it
was meat based. So on this Saturday we decided to have a meal in-between

We sat down at Nando’s and I orded 1/2 chicken with two sides. I normally ordered chicken so there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but it was like I had an epiphany. As I was sitting there, putting ketchup on my chicken I suddenly just saw what I was eating – like really saw it and I wasn’t the same from that moment. I realized I was eating flesh. I looked at my mum and I was like mum, do you know what this is? She looked at me like I was totally nuts! I spat it out almost and I was like “mum, I cant do this, this used to be alive!”.

nando's 2
She was like okay, “but you love chicken” and I was like “no mum, not anymore” Its like a light bulb had gone off and everything had just gotten brighter. My mum was actually really sweet and supportive and said “okay, go and order something else, so I did!”. From that moment on I was a Vegetarian and have been since. I did take it to the extreme that day and instead of going shopping for clothes or make-up I decided to shop for healthy foods and products. I bought this Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics that I loved and I still use to this day – not the same one obviously. I have tried a few brands over the years actually and love them. We went all out Vegetarian shopping. I wanted everything to be animal friendly! My next move is to become a Vegan. I have seen so many Vegan documentaries. I am not quite there yet, but I think the transition will happen soon! In the meantime, I am a very dedicated Vegetarian and in a way I owe it all to that one chicken! My mum laughs at me and says it’s the longest relationship I have ever had – being a Vegetarian that is not with the chicken – lol! What can I say, I am a dedicated girl to my animal friends. I now seek out sole Vegatarian products and foods and have felt that my over-all sense of well-being is much better. In a way our shopping adventures became less heated as in we didn’t argue as much. I guess I wasn’t bored anymore in just buying clothes – although I still did love to shop in that department. I now felt our little shopping outings had meaning! Vegetarian meaning!

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