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Who Would You Marry, Kiss and Date?

date 1 I have so many actors that I admire. If I had to marry one, kiss one and date one (I am being polite) then it would probably be the following although this is hard there are so many to choose from. Marry it would probably be Ryan Gosling (although he already be married of course to the beautiful Eva Mendez) but this is strictly hypothetical of course! Leonardo Dicaprio I would have to say date just on the mere fact he would be so interesting and I would have super amounts of questions and well kiss and it would have to be a good one, as in a long kiss …. Hmmm…. Jason Momoa maybe. Yeah maybe Jason. Its tough though! Such hard choices and what difficulties in decisions…haha! If only life was that easy ey!

I wonder if I was a man what it I would choose the other way round. Hmm, Marry, lets see; maybe Emma Stone. She seems very down to earth and fun, like life wouldn’t be boring with her. Damarryte; would have to be Scarlett Jonansson and kiss, oh my; kiss would be hard, they are all so beautiful. Maybe I would Kiss; Kristen Stewart.

Now lets talk music in the same context. Ok as a Woman if I had to marry a musician then who would it be? I know id Kiss; Adam Levine that’s for sure. Date I would have to say Zac Efron and maybe marry Michael Buble. Yep! Wow this is a hard task, it takes a lot of thought it really does – lol!

Ok now if I was a Man and I had to Marry, Kiss and Date female musicians then who would it be. Ok kiss Taylor Swift maybe although shed probably write a song about it! Lol! Actually maybe id kiss Demi Lovato, Date; Nelly Furtado and Marry; Tori Kelly. So many again to choose from and I admire so many female artists just in general.
Ok, I think that’s enough of that! Lets face it I could never marry, kiss or date any of those fine
gentleman but you never know I guess. Fate can be a funny thing. I may go out one night and Leo may just happen to grace my lips, I mean a girl shouldn’t give up on her dreams hey! Wishful thinking! I was once walkinkiss 1g in London one fair evening and saw a big crowd of people all screaming, I pushed my way to the front and Leonardo Dicpario walked passed me pretty much, he was doing his premiere for Catch Me If You Can, which is a movie I love by the way. I didn’t see Tom Hanks mind you who is one of my favorite actors too. So you never know, maybe next time I will get that kiss, from Leo that is not Tom! Although Id have a peck on the cheek from Tom for sure. Such a star! Can you imagine, to get to kiss Leonardo Dicaprio. I mean seriously!

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