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Discover The Difference Between Were And We’re


For a lot of people, myself included it can be rather hard to make the difference between the two words. However, what you need to do is make sure you know the difference between these two words if you are going to make any type of sense when you are writing up any article for use on the Internet. With that being said, here is the main difference between these two


words, which will help you know for certain if you are using the right word for the post that you are trying to make.

The we’re is the contraction of are. So a good example of this is going to be more like we’re looking to head home

. Because it is the we and are looking words together, which can be confusing, but with the contraction it makes it easy to see how the word is working. Then the were is actually the past tense version of the word are. The example of this is going to be something that will be talking about how good the children were during the morning. By getting this information it is easy for people to see these differences. deals with many topics of education including grammar topics, so you should check out the site for more info.

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Mixing Up Were And We’re Is A Common Mistake


I do a lot of reading and I often form opinions on trends. I can tell when I have been noticing a certain mistake quite a bit because it will start to jump out at me more than other mistakes. My brain will start to look out for it and it will be almost highlighted on the page in my eyes.


One of the mistakes that I have been noticing more and more on various webpages, and even print publications, is the mix up of the two words we’re and were. While I can certainly appreciate that some of these mistakes might simply be a typo due to a misplaced apostrophe, I have to wonder if at least some of them are due to the author not understanding the difference between the two words.

Just for clarification, we’re is a word that means we are. It is a contraction. It would be used in place of the two words we are in any sentence. Were, on the other hand is the past tense of the verb to be. It has nothing to do with the word we’re. I hope that this can get cleared up, because I am tired of seeing this mistake in so many articles.

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