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Lavender for Skin Care

Let’s take a quick second to talk about the wonderful thing that lavender essential oil can do for your skin. Lavender essential oil is an extremely balanced oil that can help your skin to be clear and enhance your overall complexion. The problem is figuring out how to add it into your skincare routine because it’s a very potent oil that can’t just be used on its own directly onto the skin. You need to dilute lavender oil with an appropriate carrier oil so that it doesn’t harshly affect your skin. If you don’t dilute essential oils properly it will leave your skin feeling irritated and can potentially cause other harmful effects. 300_300_1 copy 7

The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t take a lot of thought or extra ingredients to properly dilute your essential oils, so it’s really worth looking into to get the best results for your skin – or any other part of your body that you want to use the oil on. I can add the lavender essential oil into my daily moisturizer for a quick and easy way to soothe, balance, and calm my skin. You just drop a couple drops of the essential oil into the moisturizer tub, mix it together, and you’re good to go.

Some people don’t necessarily want the balancing properties of lavender oil and in that case, there are many other relevant essential oils to choose from in order to get the best results on your skin. At the end of the day, natural skincare is gaining popularity and is the way forward if you want to stand out in the hair care or skincare or just the general beauty industry. Many people are gaining awareness of the quick and easy benefits of these kinds of changes. lavender3

It used to be thought that the natural route was only for a certain kind of person, but now that it’s trending, everybody wants to get on the essential oils wagon. If lavender essential oil isn’t what your skin needs, then you can try other things such as orange essential oil, evening primrose oil, or tea tree oil depending on the kind of benefits that you’re looking for. The idea is to become familiar with the uses and benefits of essential oils for both skin and hair so that you can help your skin to lives its best life no matter the product that you are using. One thing to be careful of when it comes to essential oils – or any natural oils really – is to make sure that you’re using organic and 100% pure ingredients. The whole point of natural ingredients is that they have none of the bad extras mixed in, so you’d do well to buy the cream of the crop if that’s what you’re going for. This is especially true if you plan on using these oils for other uses beyond your skin and hair like you would with lavender essential oil.

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Winter Beauty Myths You Probably Didn’t Know About

You have to switch to solid makeup: This is not really true. If your skin doesn’t have any special conditions, such as makeup 7spots, discolorations, and wounds, you can still use your liquid summer makeup. – You have to switch to darker shadow shades: Says who? Just because its dark and dreary outside, doesn’t mean you need to match the weather. You need to match the colors of your eyes and clothing, not the season. – You need special lip balm or cream: No you don’t. Not necessarily. Sure, the bitter winds can cause dryness, as do the “indoor/outdoor” games with the weather and the A/C. Nevertheless – the lipstick you have, and the cream that provides the rest of your face with moisture during the winter, is just as good for your lips, even in cases of extreme dryness. Don’t overdo it. Treat yourself with care. * You need some cream blush Once again – not necessarily. If you use moisturizer, you can probably skip it. It is expensive, and usually filled with preservatives. Normal powder blush will do, and it has less ingredients which can damage your sensitive winter-skin.

Don’t expect your skin to just change with the seasons, because it won’t. Contrary to popular opinion, your skin really does need different attention when it comes to the winter months. That said, make sure to separate beauty trends with real skin care. Submitting to certain styles or shades during the winter won’t help your complexion, and that should be your main priority right now.

You shouldn’t need to conform to social expectations when it comes to winter makeup, but rather you should definitely be switching to ingredients that give your skin the best care during this dry months. This often means using a more enriching moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. Also, just because the sun might not be visible doesn’t mean it isn’t there. This means that you should makeup 6make sure that your winter moisturizer contains an SPF just like your summer moisturizer. Your skin should always be protected from the sun whether it’s visible to the naked eye or not, those harmful rays are still there. But that’s just a basic piece of advice. You should also make sure that you’re not using hot water to wash your face or skin as this can strip the skin of it’s natural oils which you don’t want to be doing during the winter months. Your skin needs to retain all the moisture it can so lukewarm or cold water can literally save your skin’s moisture levels besides for that rich moisturizer. I know this one is not the easiest to hear because when it’s cold you want nothing more than a hot shower or face wash to make you feel cozy and clean, but sometimes you need to put your skin first and depending on how dry your skin gets, this might be one of those times.

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How to Make a Canker Sore Feel Better Fast

Canker sores are oh so painful, primarily because they reside on some of the most sensitive areas of the human body: the inner-lips, tongue, and mouth – also known as the oral cavity. Their causes are many and varied, ranging from canker soresside-effects of medication to injuries and smoking. Besides the pain that comes with a canker sore, there is also the way that it looks. This can make you embarrassed to go out, or worse, you will cover it up and exacerbate the problem. If you are interested in getting rid of them quicker, and alleviating some of the pain along the way, you can try some tea tree essential oil, or peppermint. Apply some to a cotton swab (q-tip, ear cleaner) and use directly on the affected area.

You can also concoct a DIY mouthwash, containing coconut oil and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Going the all natural route will keep your mouth clean and bacteria free without exposing it to harmful chemicals. The chemicals in other formulas work to aggressively treat the canker sore. This can be a good thing but it also has the potential to dry skin.

Another method is using a baking soda rinse directly on the sore, which will kill the bacteria surrounding it and help to numb the pain. A pinch of baking soda in a small shot glass. Swish, make sure it touches the sore for a few long seconds, and spit. The reason why your canker sore gets so gross so quickly is because the bacteria starts spreading. Once the bacteria spreads you need to get it under control with an anti-bacterial that will do the work quickly and effectively. Some OTC medication may also work, but it makes the use of different chemicals which may not be the canker sores1best thing. The treatment which OTC drugs offers is mainly used on larger canker sores, but the different rinses, creams, and washes could have a positive effect. Usually, if you want to go down that road, it is best you get to a pharmacy ASAP, since time is of the essence with these types of things.

Whichever route you take, don’t contend with products or methods which do not provide relief. The point is that you don’t suffer while your body makes the necessary changes. Don’t make it worse, either! Avoid salty, spicy foods. Avoid acidic fruits. Eat and drink cold substances, which will also help you get some relief. If the sore continues to bother you, please get to a doctor! I often think that doctors can’t be bothered with every single one of our small problems but it happens to be that this is exactly their job. You might be embarrassed and not want to talk to them about it but you have to do what you can to ensure that you’re healthy. Trust me, they’ve seen worse than a canker sore.

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Philosophy’s Philosophy

Philosophy skin care is new on my radar. Quite honestly, I hadn’t heard of the brand before, and I’m still not exactly sure what it is. Apparently they’re a brand that focuses on beauty products and cosmetics. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Philosophy-SkincareThe company has their hands in a lot of different areas of beauty, but what I’d most like to try is Philosophy skin care options. Why am I so interested in this brand and Philosophy skin care specifically? Well, firstly, I’m all for trying new things. From shoes to makeup to clothing, I’m a sucker for a new product. So Philosophy skin care seems like a good place to start, since I’ve just stumbled upon this concept and have some extra holiday gift money burning a whole in my pocket (maybe that means it’s time for new jeans too??). So what makes this company so great? Well before we get to Philosophy skin care, let’s start by analyzing Philosophy’s general philosophy (see what I did there?).

So, the company Philosophy skin cares about people from a whole bunch of different angels. They want to treat both the body and the soul. Both our outer and our inner beauty and happiness. From our heads to our toes, and everything in between. One of the fabulous things that this company does is giving back. Yes, that’s right, they’re not just taking money from us, they’re doing good with it. Part of the company’s mission and commitment is to donate funds to the Hope and Grace Fund. What exactly do they do? Well I’m glad you asked, since just like Philosophy, I had never heard of the Hope and Grace Fund until doing research on this brand.

The Hope and Grace Fund helps people with mental illnesses. Mental health issues are very common, and no one is immune. It unfortunately will either affect you, or it will affect someone that you know and you will consequently be impacted by it. The scary thing is that oftentimes we don’t even know that someone close to use is suffering from mental illness. Whether it be depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc., mental illness comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s a scary thing, but with the right support a person can manage their issues and lead a happy and fulfilling life.philosphy of skincare

The Hope and Grace Fund was actually created by Philosophy. They cite that over 450 million people struggle with mental health issues, which is an astonishing number. And if you think about it, many of these people might even be their customers! So by creating this charity, they’re helping their own client ele but also the world at large. Pretty cool! So therefore, Philosophy donates one percent of all of their net sales to support the fund and consequently support mental health efforts and management. By helping people feel more inner peace, the company does their part in making people feel beautiful inside and out. The company is not just about Philosophy skin care, it’s about so much more.

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The Flash

super hero1One day the Flash was running through Central City and he saw a crime in progress and thought the criminals as fools because who would try to do a petty crime in the city with the fastest man alive. Before confronting them he just waited and watched before he went and stopped them to make sure they aren’t dangerous. He went and try to stop him bus as he went he felt himself going slower and then he noticed one of them was able to spot him and know where he was going and they scared him big time because he was noticing his powers were messing up and he didn’t know what to do so he just ran away.

When he woke up the the next morning he saw on the news that the criminals he saw were a lot worse than what he thought because they blew up a city block and he saw people were blaming him for not stopping them with some people spotting him at the crime scene so people now think he is the reason the city block blew up and he wasn’t happy about that. Flash started running at his top speed looking through the whole city just to find these criminals but he was sure he looked everywhere but never found them, he even made sure to look in restricted areas to see if they were there. He went to go look for Superman because he was sure that the boy scout would be able to help himsuper heros but before he got into Metropolis he was stopped and Superman told him he won’t allow him in the city for what he did and the Flash did not know what to do so he kept on running thinking about what could have happened without him noticing that he traveled to the future. He saw he was 100 years in the future and people were celebrating that the Flash’s was gone and he saw Batman was the current president of the country.

Now he was really wondering what he could have done to make people so angry with him so he knew he had to ask Batman.  So he made sure to get to him when nobody was around and when he finally got there Batman was already expecting him. He asked what happened and Batman said that his plan was a success and that nobody was able to stop him now because all the heroes are gone and now that he is even faster than the Flash ever dreamed of. So Batman pulled out his gun and shot him before the Flash was able to do anything. Now that Batman plan was a success and he was the most powerful person in all of history nobody will ever be able to stop him and him plan for total domination.

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Who Would You Marry, Kiss and Date?

date 1 I have so many actors that I admire. If I had to marry one, kiss one and date one (I am being polite) then it would probably be the following although this is hard there are so many to choose from. Marry it would probably be Ryan Gosling (although he already be married of course to the beautiful Eva Mendez) but this is strictly hypothetical of course! Leonardo Dicaprio I would have to say date just on the mere fact he would be so interesting and I would have super amounts of questions and well kiss and it would have to be a good one, as in a long kiss …. Hmmm…. Jason Momoa maybe. Yeah maybe Jason. Its tough though! Such hard choices and what difficulties in decisions…haha! If only life was that easy ey!

I wonder if I was a man what it I would choose the other way round. Hmm, Marry, lets see; maybe Emma Stone. She seems very down to earth and fun, like life wouldn’t be boring with her. Damarryte; would have to be Scarlett Jonansson and kiss, oh my; kiss would be hard, they are all so beautiful. Maybe I would Kiss; Kristen Stewart.

Now lets talk music in the same context. Ok as a Woman if I had to marry a musician then who would it be? I know id Kiss; Adam Levine that’s for sure. Date I would have to say Zac Efron and maybe marry Michael Buble. Yep! Wow this is a hard task, it takes a lot of thought it really does – lol!

Ok now if I was a Man and I had to Marry, Kiss and Date female musicians then who would it be. Ok kiss Taylor Swift maybe although shed probably write a song about it! Lol! Actually maybe id kiss Demi Lovato, Date; Nelly Furtado and Marry; Tori Kelly. So many again to choose from and I admire so many female artists just in general.
Ok, I think that’s enough of that! Lets face it I could never marry, kiss or date any of those fine
gentleman but you never know I guess. Fate can be a funny thing. I may go out one night and Leo may just happen to grace my lips, I mean a girl shouldn’t give up on her dreams hey! Wishful thinking! I was once walkinkiss 1g in London one fair evening and saw a big crowd of people all screaming, I pushed my way to the front and Leonardo Dicpario walked passed me pretty much, he was doing his premiere for Catch Me If You Can, which is a movie I love by the way. I didn’t see Tom Hanks mind you who is one of my favorite actors too. So you never know, maybe next time I will get that kiss, from Leo that is not Tom! Although Id have a peck on the cheek from Tom for sure. Such a star! Can you imagine, to get to kiss Leonardo Dicaprio. I mean seriously!

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Nando Wake Up Call

nandos 1It was a Saturday and my mum was shouting at me to get ready to go to our
local shopping Centre. Mum was obsessed with this place. To think that I
probably spent half my youth shopping with my mum is an understatement. I remember how many arguments we used to have roaming those shops. It
was like a Saturday ritual until I was the age of 16 when I stopped going
shopping with her and started going alone.
I remember this particular Saturday because it was the Saturday I decided to
go Vegetarian. I loved all the meals my mum used to make me for – a lot of it
was meat based. So on this Saturday we decided to have a meal in-between

We sat down at Nando’s and I orded 1/2 chicken with two sides. I normally ordered chicken so there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but it was like I had an epiphany. As I was sitting there, putting ketchup on my chicken I suddenly just saw what I was eating – like really saw it and I wasn’t the same from that moment. I realized I was eating flesh. I looked at my mum and I was like mum, do you know what this is? She looked at me like I was totally nuts! I spat it out almost and I was like “mum, I cant do this, this used to be alive!”.

nando's 2
She was like okay, “but you love chicken” and I was like “no mum, not anymore” Its like a light bulb had gone off and everything had just gotten brighter. My mum was actually really sweet and supportive and said “okay, go and order something else, so I did!”. From that moment on I was a Vegetarian and have been since. I did take it to the extreme that day and instead of going shopping for clothes or make-up I decided to shop for healthy foods and products. I bought this Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics that I loved and I still use to this day – not the same one obviously. I have tried a few brands over the years actually and love them. We went all out Vegetarian shopping. I wanted everything to be animal friendly! My next move is to become a Vegan. I have seen so many Vegan documentaries. I am not quite there yet, but I think the transition will happen soon! In the meantime, I am a very dedicated Vegetarian and in a way I owe it all to that one chicken! My mum laughs at me and says it’s the longest relationship I have ever had – being a Vegetarian that is not with the chicken – lol! What can I say, I am a dedicated girl to my animal friends. I now seek out sole Vegatarian products and foods and have felt that my over-all sense of well-being is much better. In a way our shopping adventures became less heated as in we didn’t argue as much. I guess I wasn’t bored anymore in just buying clothes – although I still did love to shop in that department. I now felt our little shopping outings had meaning! Vegetarian meaning!

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Why Grammar Is Important


I’ve always had a problem with my writing, it’s mainly because of a little disorder known as dysgraphia. I simply cannot write things down on paper without it being a complete and utter mess. When I discovered keyboards, my life changed forever though. I was finally able to write down exactly what I wanted to write. No moryou-either-die-a-grammar-nazi1 e muscles not moving the way I want to, all it took was the patience to hunt and peck. I can tell you this much though, it definitely annoyed my computer teacher when I just could not learn how to use the home row, but I ended up as one of the fastest typists in my class. It seems that passion makes you a lot better than you would normally be at things, and I was definitely passionate. I never had a problem with reading, only with writing. Getting my muscles to remember the shapes that each letter is beyond me, and now that I can finally write down things and express myself like this, it was an amazing feeling. Even though I never really had a problem with spelling, my teachers assumed I did, so they would always try and help me by giving me access to spelling and grammar checkers that the other students didn’t get to use.

I haven’t been in high school for a couple of years, but I do remember the program they let me use. It was called Grammarly (reviewed by Edumuch), and while I didn’t actually need it, I made liberal use of it. You see, Grammarly, or at least the premium version of Grammarly which they let me use, has a plagiarism checker. I can tell you this much, the plagiarism checker on Grammarly works really well, and I was never caught. Not that I plagikeep-calm-and-use-correct-grammar-2-resized-600arized or anything (I may or may not be lying about that), I definitely only wrote original works for all my assignments. I mean, Grammarly is a great program, but I didn’t really need it. I mean, I let some of my friends use it, and they definitely appreciated it more than I did. You see, for people who need it, Grammarly is much more useful. You see, aside from being a great spelling and grammar checker, Grammarly helps people develop their skills as writers. And actually, this makes Grammarly very different from other spelling and grammar checkers out there. You see, Grammarly doesn’t just find your mistakes and tell you what you should put there to correct it, it tells you why it is suggesting that you make that change, and that is extremely useful to help out in developing writing skills, as you can learn as you go. I mean, there’s also the fact that Grammarly helps them out by fixing their mistakes, but that’s what any spelling and grammar checker would do. With the whole suggestion thing, Grammarly really goes above and beyond, and Grammarly is truly one of the greatest programs I have ever used. Not that I needed to use Grammarly, other than for the plagiarism checker.

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Why You Should Eat Out Every Once In A While

You may have heard a lot of reasons as to why you should avoid eating out. However, below are a few reasons why you should!

1. In as much as you may like to cook at home, there are some complicated recipes that you will never get to cook. Eating out will allow you to enjoy fancy dishes from all around the world.

2. Eating out saves you from having to clean up afterwards. Ever patted yourself on the back after managing to prepare a four course meal only to be deflated by the amount of cleaning you have to do? Eating at a restaurant allows you to enjoy a variety of dishes without having to worry about cleaning afterwards.

3. Eating out every once in a while is a way of supporting the local economy.

4. You can give yourself a treat by eating out. Eating out can be your way of rewarding yourself for having a productive week. You can sample scrumptious meals and indulge a little bit in dessert to your heart’s content.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should start eating out at restaurants.  However, no matter what you do, you should make sure to eat healthy.  If you would like to read more about restaurants and reviews of various popular eateries, please check out

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More Options In Healthy Eating

I have noticed that there seems to be quite a controversy over healthy eating and what a lot of people think that they are doing to eat as healthy as possible. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of foods that are labeled as being ‘healthy’ today that are actually processed. The words healthy and processed should never be going together if you are trying to eat in the best manner possible.


The reasons why I love healthy food may differ quite a bit from the next person, meaning that I like to find foods that are going to naturally fuel my body while giving me a boost of vitamins, minerals and keeping me satisfied at the same time. I used to reach for snack bars and fiber filled shakes to try to get on a healthy path, until I realized that these processed foods had a lot of unnecessary fillers.

Today, I reach for healthy foods that are as unprocessed, organic and ‘raw’ as possible. Fresh vegetables, lean meats, plenty of nuts as snacks, fruit and eggs for breakfast and good, whole grains are just a few of the ways that I try to eat as healthy and as naturally as possible.


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