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Why Grammar Is Important


I’ve always had a problem with my writing, it’s mainly because of a little disorder known as dysgraphia. I simply cannot write things down on paper without it being a complete and utter mess. When I discovered keyboards, my life changed forever though. I was finally able to write down exactly what I wanted to write. No moryou-either-die-a-grammar-nazi1 e muscles not moving the way I want to, all it took was the patience to hunt and peck. I can tell you this much though, it definitely annoyed my computer teacher when I just could not learn how to use the home row, but I ended up as one of the fastest typists in my class. It seems that passion makes you a lot better than you would normally be at things, and I was definitely passionate. I never had a problem with reading, only with writing. Getting my muscles to remember the shapes that each letter is beyond me, and now that I can finally write down things and express myself like this, it was an amazing feeling. Even though I never really had a problem with spelling, my teachers assumed I did, so they would always try and help me by giving me access to spelling and grammar checkers that the other students didn’t get to use.

I haven’t been in high school for a couple of years, but I do remember the program they let me use. It was called Grammarly (reviewed by Edumuch), and while I didn’t actually need it, I made liberal use of it. You see, Grammarly, or at least the premium version of Grammarly which they let me use, has a plagiarism checker. I can tell you this much, the plagiarism checker on Grammarly works really well, and I was never caught. Not that I plagikeep-calm-and-use-correct-grammar-2-resized-600arized or anything (I may or may not be lying about that), I definitely only wrote original works for all my assignments. I mean, Grammarly is a great program, but I didn’t really need it. I mean, I let some of my friends use it, and they definitely appreciated it more than I did. You see, for people who need it, Grammarly is much more useful. You see, aside from being a great spelling and grammar checker, Grammarly helps people develop their skills as writers. And actually, this makes Grammarly very different from other spelling and grammar checkers out there. You see, Grammarly doesn’t just find your mistakes and tell you what you should put there to correct it, it tells you why it is suggesting that you make that change, and that is extremely useful to help out in developing writing skills, as you can learn as you go. I mean, there’s also the fact that Grammarly helps them out by fixing their mistakes, but that’s what any spelling and grammar checker would do. With the whole suggestion thing, Grammarly really goes above and beyond, and Grammarly is truly one of the greatest programs I have ever used. Not that I needed to use Grammarly, other than for the plagiarism checker.

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